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Idea Pitching event for students from Oradea, ready to build their own startup! Let’s Startup Oradea!
Bright Nights event series was designed to spark your ideas, give you the motivation to START, and build a local community of startup enthusiasts.
Bright Nights #1 is dedicated to students in Oradea from all universities, passionate about technology & eager to start their startup.
The event will have the following agenda:
💬 Opening remarks by host
🔥 Guest speakers speech
🎤 Ideas pitching session:
– Presentation(5 mins)/pitch
– Q&A by jury members
– Live public voting by the virtual audience (30% of the final score)
🤝 Networking Break & ✅ Jury Deliberation
🏆 Awards
– access to the next stage (Startup Launch Nights)
– gadgets & software to help you develop your idea
💡 If you have a startup idea and wanna enter the competition, submit your idea here:
💻 If you just wanna join the event as an attendee, book your virtual ticket thourgh Eventbrite. 🎫
Let’s startup Oradea!🚀


December ‘20

✨ December 4th – [Virtual] Bright Night #1 – Students of Oradea

✨ December 10th – [Virtual] Bright Night #2 – Teens of Oradea

✨ December 15th – [Virtual] Bright Night #3 by Oradea Tech Hub – Tech professionals of 

January ‘21

✨ TBD – [Virtual] Bright Night #4 – Med students & practitioners of Oradea

✨ TBD – [Virtual] Bright Night #5 – Industry of Oradea

✨ TBD – [Virtual] Bright Night #6 – Academics & Researchers of Oradea

✨ TBD – [Virtual] Bright Night #7 – Creatives (photographers, videographers, designers, etc.) of Oradea

✨ TBD – [Virtual] Bright Night #8 by Oradea Tech Hub (Part 2) – Tech professionals of Oradea

February ‘21

🔨💻 February 26-28th – [Virtual] Startup Launch Nights Oradea – from idea to product

March ‘21

🎤🎁March 31st – Bright Labs Demo Night – may the best startups win ( 💰 up to €7k/startup & 🚪access to the incubation stage)

April ‘21

💪 On-demand custom tailored mentoring sessions & trainings

🎪 April 22-25th – Startup Camp Oradea – 🔒 Incubated startup only access

May-August ‘21

💪 On-demand custom tailored mentoring sessions & trainings

🔥  Boost Days

September ‘21

🏆💰 September 23/24 – Bright Labs Incubator Awards Gala – a seed investment up to €50k for each startup graduating the incubation

Realizari in urma activitatii:

În urma activității proiectului Bright Labs Incubator un număr mare de tineri vor avea oportunitatea să își pună în practică ideile și să devină următorii antreprenori al unor Start-up-uri de succes în Oradea!


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